Recycling Extruders

Extruder machines ensure that recycled plastics are produced in the required dimensions and sections suitable for reuse. It has a functional role in the production of various plastics such as hoses, profiles, and pipes with its efficient regular plastic flow. It is suitable for recycling all plastic materials. Extruder machines are composed of many parts such as funnels where the products to be processed are mixed; screws that carry plastics and make them homogeneous; barrels containing the resistances.
  • Suitable for recycling of all kinds of plastic materials
  • Durable screw and barrel designs made of wear resistant alloys
  • Top or side feed funnels and silos depending on material type
  • Capacity range from 100 kg/h to 1500 kg/h
  • Water ring, underwater, head or pasta type pallet cutters
  • Vertical centrifuge dryers before pallet storage