Pet Washing Line

PET washing line enables us to reuse water, beverage, shampoo, detergent bottles, food containers and other industrial wastes which are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). PET flakes produced in PET washing lines are used for manufacturing sheet, yarn, fabric, fiber or packaging materials. PET washing line consists of three groups which are “Sorting”, “Washing” and “Drying”

1. Sorting Group
In sorting group, the initial process starts with opening the PET bales and then applying pre-washing process. In this stage, we eliminate the labels of the PET bottles with 98% success and remove the contaminants. The machines in this group are:

• Feeding Conveyor and Bale Opener
• Pre-Washing
• Manuel Sorting Platform
• Inclined Conveyor Band with Metal Detector

After the “Sorting Group”, PET bottles are transferred into “Washing Group” to be granulated and hot washed.

2. Washing Group
In this group, the PET bottles are conveyed into a wet application granulator machine for size reduction. The bottles becoming in the form of flakes are washed with chemicals in hot water and purified from the contaminants and the label glues on the bottles. The number of machines in the washing group is adjusted according to the contamination of the bottles. The machines in the washing group are:

• Plastic Granulator
• Horizontal Friction Washing
• Sink-float tank for PET
• Vertical Centrifuge
• Hot Water, Caustic Soda Washing Machine

By reaching the required purification, the flakes are conveyed into the last division.

3. Flake Drying – Big Bag Storing Group
In this group, flake dusts and the small labels are vacuumed, the flakes are dried, and they are filled into big bags and the process is completed. Machines included in this product group are:

• Flake Dryer for Rapid and Effective Drying
• Dust and Label Separator
• Big bag Storing Unit with Filter Group
• Electric Control Panel