Recyling Lines

There are many areas for recycling. The most widely known and used of these is the recycling of plastics.

Plastic is a component of many consumer products and makes up most of the manufacturing industry's output and end products. Plastics contain substances such as crude oil, coal, and gas. When thrown into nature, they cause both visual and living space pollution; and harm the habitat and soil. In addition, since it takes many years for plastic wastes to blend with nature, recycling is particularly important.

Recycling lines play a significant role in the re-evaluation of plastic wastes, in transforming them back into raw materials through recycling processes and regenerating them to production. Recycling lines are systems designed for many different types of plastics, including high-tech machines. It is possible to set up recycling lines with highly functional machines for different types of plastics such as PET, PVC, HDPE, LDPE and Polycarbonate.

Due to increasing consumption of plastics and reduction of natural resources at the present time, we need to contribute to the future of our world by supporting recycling. Recycling lines provide great benefits and convenience while helping to protect the balance of nature.

As Arda Trade, we have a large experience in establishing recycling lines in many parts of the world. We are happy to assist you for all your needs, especially with PET, Cable, Polycarbonate, LDPE and HDPE recycling lines.