Valve Bag Filling Machine

Valve bag filling machines allow the raw materials in the form of granules and powder or granular materials such as legumes to be filled into various types of bags with fast and precise weighing. It provides automatic weighing and filling of different sizes and weights of valve sacks. Capable of working with all kinds of valve bags (Craft, PE, PP), it offers the most suitable solution for packaging granule and powder products with medium and high density flow.

  • Precise (1%) and fast weighing
  • Corrosion resistant and replaceable rotor blades.
  • Modular and compact structure allows arranging in row.
  • Low dust and noise emission.
  • Easy bag disposal with specially designed bagging exit
  • Indicator rotatable according to operator position.
  • Electronic safety button.
  • Weight range is 10kg – 50kg.
  • It can fill 1-3 bags per minute (depending on the characteristics and density of the products).
Compatible Bag Types: Paper and plastic valve bags