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1In which areas do you provide products and services?
As Arda Trade, we provide products and services in both domestically and internationally.
We mainly export the recycling lines needed in the field of recycling and all the machines required to build the lines. In addition to recycling machines, we also provide our business partners abroad with thermoform, filling and packaging machines and we always support them with our after-sales services and spare parts. Our Products Read More >>
We are the official country representatives of European number one pipework systems, Jacob. We are delivering the modular, stainless steel, painted and galvanized pipework systems and spare parts to our producers in Turkey. These pipework systems, which have more than 6,000 items, can be used in the entire production line. Products Read More >>
As liaison office of WKB Systems, we provide a comprehensive range of products to produce aerated concrete which are designed to the demands of our business partners, ranging from standard products to tailor-made. WKB Systems machines and plants are known worldwide for their long service life and tested solutions. Click to get more information about all our products Read More >>
2What is recycling? Which materials can be recycled?
Recycling is the conversion of recyclable waste materials into a second raw material by processing them through physical or chemical treatment so they can be re-used in the production process.
Recyclable materials include, but not limited to, glass, paper, aluminum, plastic, batteries, rubber, concrete, iron, textiles, wood, metal, chemical-organic-electronic wastes, accumulators, engine oil, vehicle tires.
The most common waste materials used in plastic recycling are PET, PVC, PP, LDPE, HDPE and PS. Click to get detailed information about plastic recycling lines Read More >>
3How is recycling done?
There are four basic stages in recycling. First, recyclable wastes should be collected separately at their source. Containers, indoor boxes, recycling bags, etc. shall be recruited so that they can be collected separately at the source. Waste materials collected separately at their source are classified according to their types (paper, metal, plastic, etc.) by the collection and separation centers. In the third stage, the classified wastes are transformed into raw materials for reuse by passing through physical and chemical processes in recycling facilities. Finally, the recycled material is used as raw material in the production of new products and restored to the economy. Click to get more information about the recycling lines and machines where the necessary physical and chemical processes take place in the third stage Read More >>
4Which countries do you export to?
As Arda Trade we can transfer our products and services all over the world from Turkey. Since the day we were founded, we have exported our products and services to 17 countries, including the Netherlands, France, Iran, Honduras, India, Kuwait, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya.
5Do you install recycling lines abroad?
For the installation of recycling lines, our technical team travels to the countries where our business partners are located and carries out the whole process from start to finish. So far, we have been instrumental in the birth of recycling facilities by installing recycling lines in Uzbekistan and Kuwait. In addition, we direct our technical team for the installation of the machines purchased by our business partners and the training of the team who will use them. In case of inability to travel, we provide online technical and training support. Contact us for more information. Read More >>
6Do you provide installation support, after sales service and spare parts?
As Arda family, we consider our customers who have purchased our products and services as our business partners and do our best to respond to all their needs. We carry out the line installations with our authorized technical service and depending on the requirements, we direct our technical service for the installation of the machines. All our products have warranty and after sales support. In case of deformations in the equipment that will occur over time or in cases where the parts need to be renewed, we also have spare parts service.