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High-quality granulators are suitable for recycling for all plastic products. For example, pipes, profiles, inflations (bins, barrels, fuel tanks), industrial extrusion wounds (wedges).

The shredder is used to shred bulk or very tough pieces that cannot be shred into small pieces by cutting. These pieces can be plastic wastes, wedges, cardboard, paper, textiles, chipboard, wood, etc. with different types and forms of waste.

The TMZ series is designed to micronize many different products used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as micronize machines, profiles, pipes, extrusion products, films, granular raw materials, rubber in plastic industry. 6-8 mm sieve broken material in the crusher is precisely milled due to the high speed discs manufactured in different outer profiles according to the product specification.

Suitable for recycling of all kinds of plastic materials. Durable screw and sleeve designs made from wear resistant alloys.

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