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Recycling Line Washing Chemicals

We are the Turkey distributor of Holland Novochem Group who is specialized in the development, production and marketing of process additives and chemicals for water treatment. R&D and know-how form the basis for their high quality and innovative products. These reliable products focus on optimizing your process at competitive prices. Under all conditions! This also applies to one of Novochem Group’s special activities: the chemical treatment in plastic recycling plants, e.g. PET. Holland Novochem is a worldwide and unique supplier with a complete line of products for the plastic recycling. Thanks to their own state-of-the-art laboratory they are able to develop any custom-made product for your specific process conditions.


In a plastic recycling process, e.g. PET, the most optimal purification of the plastic flakes is of major importance. Holland Novochem’s laboratory has developed a line of special cleaning agents, which turn the plastic flakes perfectly colorless, and they clean the flakes from glue and other impurities. A major advantage of the NovoClean products is, that the addition of NaOH can be reduced considerably. Furthermore the temperature of the washing water can be reduced significantly. These are major advantages, which seriously reduce your production costs, and which increase the efficiency of your production installation. Thanks to NovoClean you can produce an optimal quality of plastic. In PET recycling processes A-quality of flakes is the result, making it possible to use the PET flakes as a raw material for bottle to bottle.

Cleaner, NovoClean 147

NovoClean shows great performance in the removal of glue, product residues, labels and other pollution, always of course in the presence of 0.5-1.5% caustic and a temperature of 65° to 70°C. The dosage of NovoClean 147 depends on the quality of the input material, but averagely one could say that the dosage is approx. 1 kg per ton PET output. Dosing can be done by an existing metering pump in the friction washer. NovoClean 147 is delivered in 1.000 litre IBC containers of 1.030 kg.

Defoamer and PET/PO separation additive

Water-based silicon defoamers, to control the foam.

Both products optimise the separation of PET and PO in the separation unit. In a low dosage the products remove the gas bubbles from the flakes, due to which flotation and settling of the different materials is optimised.

The exact dosage of the defoamer also here depends on the input material, e.g. more foaming material on the inside will result in more need for defoamer. Averagely one could say that the dosage varies between 0.5 up to 1.5 kg per ton PET output.

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