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Gas Destroying Ovens

F.D.G. ovens are employed for different applications such as:

  • Dismantling of electric motors and transformers windings,
  • Elimination of plastic residues from metal parts,
  • Cleaning of diamond wires.

The cycle is carried out with an indirect flame and temperatures up to 500°C and is safe so that is not possible to cause deformations or alterations to the materials inside the oven.

The postcombustion chamber is completely built in 310 stainless steel and let the oven to eliminate harmful fumes coming from the transformation.

On the oven there is an air valve that must be connected to the compressed air system so that it is possible to put the right quantity of oxygen into the oven, having a more uniform and faster process and a lower energy consumption working in safety environmental conditions.

All the cycle is automatic and controlled by the electric control panel. Ovens could be equipped with oven racks or trolleys.

Ovens are supplied fully assembled and they must be tested by expert technicians directly at the Customer’s company after installation.

Our products are built in compliance with the European regulations in force.


Standard Ovens: Browse the gallery to see all our versions of standard gas destroying ovens.

Special versions: We could supply also special versions of our ovens able to follow every single need of our customers.

Drying Ovens

They are used to dry paint and resins of electric motors and transformers quickly and smoothly, but they can also be used to dry plastic sheets, rods, pieces or special materials.

Expansion Ovens

Expansion ovens are rotary kilns used to expand the bodies of electric motors and to connect the stator coils to the crankcase.

Stabilization and Thermoform Ovens

Stabilization and thermoform ovens are used in the processing of plastic or metal parts. Heat can be obtained from the gas burner (propane, natural gas or diesel fed) or from electrical resistances.

Removal of plastic residues from filters, extrusion dies, molds and other components from plastic conversion. The elimination of wastes from plastic transformation transforms the cost of elimination.

Accessories and Impregnation Tanks

These tanks are used for painting by immersion windings of motor / transformers placed in suitable baskets. The bottom of the reservoir may contain 400 to 2000 liters of paint and resin.

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