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Steam Tunnel

After labels are applied on the bottles, products are carried into the steam tunnel. With steam, labels are formed according to product shape. The steam tunnel works in synchronization with sleeve applicator machine.

  • The steam tunnel machine has product correction mechanism.
  • Our machines are compatible with food production.
  • The conveyor system has automatic/manual speed adjustment feature.
  • The steam tunnel has a stainless steel structure.
  • The machine has steam nozzles with steam resistance.
  • Nozzles have pressure adjustment and clock indicator.
  • Machines are in accordance with CE norms to ensure labor safety and environmental cleanliness.
  • 7/24 service and periodic maintenance guarantee.
Machine Dimensions
Product Weight
Product Height Range
Conveyor Height
Number of Nozzles
Line Dimensions
Electricty Power
Machine Weight

Maximum 150 mm
Maximum 300 mm
15.000 pcs/hour
6000 mm
12 pcs
6000 mm X 760 mm X 2000 mm
380 V
900 kg

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