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Sleeve Applicator Machine

Sleeve applicator machines are used in food, beverage, cosmetics, cleaning and chemical industries. Labels that take the form of packaging by heat will wrap the packaging 360 degrees to make the products more attractive and help you to increase your sales. The automatic sensor on the machine uses shooting system to apply the labels on the packages that are in the form of metal, glass, plastics, paper etc.

  • Label stretcher control system supports the sensitive cutting feature.
  • The sleeve applicator machine has product correction mechanism.
  • It is simple to alter mold and blade box when the product diameter and height change. The mechanism is designed for time savings to make product changes with the advance of technology applied.
  • The multi-sleeve application can be done by changing the labeling.
  • Product transition can be handled in 10 minutes.
  • Even with large product dimensions, the sleeve applicator machine produces 15.000 pieces per hour.
  • Our machines are compatible with food production.
  • The machine is suitable for dis/assembling.
  • Machines are in accordance with CE norms to ensure labor safety and environmental cleanliness.
  • 7/24 service and periodic maintenance guarantee.
Machine Dimensions
Product Weight
Product Width
Sleeve Thickness
Machine Dimensions
Electric Power
Average Weight

90 – 200 g
30 – 250 mm
35 – 70 micron
15.000 pcs/hour
1250 mm X 1150 mm X 2200 mm
380 V
900 kg

Technical Information
  • Stainless steel (Aisi 304)structure
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Sleeve drive/cutting/shooting system
  • Mold and blade box change feature for product with different diameters and heights
  • Suitable for diameters from 40mm to 160mm
  • Minimum 15.000 pieces per hour production for large product dimensions
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