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Arda is a foreign trade company founded in 2015 with focus on meeting customer needs and wants. We have accomplished in many projects in Turkey and abroad which resulted with new cooperation. In this short period, we have achieved cooperation with customers from nine different countries from Europe, Asia and Middle East. Our main principle is to be the “best” in our customer focus business strategy.

Arda, as being a foreign trade company, provides a platform that connects buyers and sellers to make secure trading. Therefore, manufacture companies can focus more on development of better products and customers focus on improving their business.

Information and Communication Technology and globalization force organizations to respond to rapid changes in order to sustain their market position. Therefore, our company supports clients to engage with right suppliers and support manufacturers to meet with right customers.

Our Mission

We constantly improve our customer experience by providing our customers with products and services tailored to their needs with a “reliable” and “responsible” approach, and to establish a long term partnership based on satisfaction.

Our Vision

In the medium term, our target is to be one of the most preferred leading companies in international market with its service quality.

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