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Hydro-Power Washing Friction Washer and High-Intensity Washer: the perfect combination for removing soluble dirt

Are you looking for a durable, sustainable washing system with proven success in the field?
Our friction and high-intensity washers are the ideal combination for removing contaminations such as food residues, paper labels and soil on agricultural film.

The first cleaning phase for the plastic waste begins with the Friction Washer, which uses a large volume of circulating water in a constant cycle. This gives the contaminations a good soaking and makes it easier to remove during the second cleaning phase.

The high-intensity washer then gives the pre-washed plastics a thorough, final cleaning. The contaminations are removed by means of powerful friction between the screen basket and the rotors in the centrifuge. The force applied by the cleaning system is strong enough to remove even difficult dirt. No additional water is required during this phase and the plastic is dewatered alongside the cleaning process.

Keep replacement costs low with our wear-resistant steel parts. Discover the many other advantages of Friction and High-Intensity Washers.

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