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Precise separation of lightweight and heavy materials

Zig-Zag Aspirator – easy to implement, dust-free results

One of the key phases in plastics recycling involves the separation of thin film from thicker shredded material. The most common example is the removal of labels from PET bottles. The thick PET flakes need to be collected, while the labels need to go.

The Zig-Zag Aspirator uses an air flow to suck up the lightweight labels. The heavier plastic pieces fall to the bottom. The separation of materials could not be easier.

Another advantage is that the shredded material is dust free, which is a huge gain in further processing. Zig-Zag Aspirator for easy separation of labels from flakes

Density separation with the Hyrocyclone - Precise sorting for greater purity

The key factor in the economic success of a recycling operation is the purity level of the plastic material. And standards of purity will only continue to increase in the future. In practice, plastic waste is usually mixed. For example:

  • Heavy PET drink bottles are mixed with lightweight HDPE and PP caps
  • PVC must be separated from high-value HDPE and/or PP
  • Foreign objects such as stones, glass cullet or stainless steel must be separated from PET, PP and HDPE

Most separation tanks available on the market are poorly designed and constructed, using strong water currents that can interfere with density separation in the gravity field. Air bubbles that gather on the surface of the plastic material can also keep heavy particles afloat. Sorting plastics in this way is often ineffective and leads to poor results. provides a solution for achieving density separation with a gravity field of more than 20 g.

Success lies in the precise details we incorporate for better separation results. – Supporting your operations with the power of innovation and intelligent design

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