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+90 212 671 2458 High-Spin Dryer – Combined technologies for one-step mechanical drying and cleaning

The mechanical drying of film is a big challenge for many recycling operations. Over the years, thinner films have been produced, and the surface area to be dried has increased accordingly.

High peripheral speeds are needed to spin water from these surfaces. The extra-long rotor optimises drying efficiency by allowing the film particles to remain inside the dryer for an especially long time.

The machine also has an integrated fan in a wear-resistant design that generates a powerful air flow. The fan sucks the film through the machine while also taking up the evaporating water.

At the same time, residual debris is removed from the surfaces through friction. The cleaning system automatically removes dirt particles together with the spun off water from the dryer.

The efficient solution: Drying and cleaning in one single step

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